New Creations Taxidermy is located in a wildlife rich area of South East Ohio known as the Hocking Hills. New Creations Taxidermy is owned and operated by Jeremy Bennett. Jeremy moved to the area in 1992 at the age of 12. His love for the outdoors only got stronger and led him into the taxidermy field part time starting in 1996. Beginning in the fall of 2005 Jeremy will operate in his shop full time. This will allow your work to be done in a timely manner.

Since beginning in 1996, Jeremy’s passion for taxidermy has allowed him to closely study and learn the characteristics of many of the world’s animals. Jeremy incorporates every detail from nature into his work. Knowledge of the animals allows your mount to look the best and most realistic it can be.

Knowing that after the time and effort you put into the pursuit of your trophy you want the best mount you can to last a lifetime. Using only the latest and best techniques and materials available, each mount is given close attention to details and lifelikeness.

New Creations Taxidermy is run on Christian principles. Jeremy knows that without you, the customer, his business would not do as well as it does. That is why each customer is treated with respect and is kept informed of the progress. Turning out the best work and getting it done in a timely manner is a top priority.

At New Creations Taxidermy your mount can be mounted with natural habitat surroundings. With our complete wood working shop, your thoughts and ideas for base and or glass case work can become reality.

Making a mount come to life is Jeremy's passion. Never is a project to large or small. Whether it is a simple squirrel, a deer shoulder mount, a grizzly bear in a salmon stream, a coyote jumping after a pheasant, a duck flying in over the cattails, he can get it done for you.

Anything you can dream up can be done for you at New Creations Taxidermy. If you need help to dream up a mount that will always be the topic of conversations in your home please call, Jeremy would love to help out.

If you are tired of dealing with taxidermists that don’t produce the way you know they should or tired of getting less than quality work, contact New Creations Taxidermy and find out what a real taxidermy studio can produce. I know you will love the work and respect you get at New Creations Taxidermy.





Contact Jeremy for some shipping info and helpful hints for getting your game home. Don’t leave your animal in another state with a taxidermist you don’t know. Bring it home to a taxidermist where you can monitor the progress and stay in touch.

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